Reverse advent calendar: Support South Australian kids this Christmas

Want to give a gift that keeps on giving? Support a local kids’ charity this Christmas and pack your very own Treasure Box.

Every day of the year, Treasure Boxes provides vulnerable families experiencing severe disadvantage with the childhood essentials they need. The families we support struggle every single day – not just on Christmas Day.

Our 2021 Reverse Advent Calendars are here!

Take part in our Reverse Advent Calendar! Pull out a box, pick an age group, and collect an item for each day of the month. By the time Christmas Eve arrives, you will have created a special Treasure Box to provide support and comfort to disadvantaged babies, kids and teens in SA.

Save your chosen Advent calendar to your camera roll, print it out and stick it on the fridge, or better yet – email it to your office and get the whole team involved! All Treasure Boxes collected will brighten the day of a South Australian family in need.

Reverse Advent Calendar: babies

  1. Nappy bag
  2. Baby shampoo
  3. Baby lotion/body wash
  4. Nappy rash cream
  5. Talc-free baby powder
  6. Change mat
  7. Mini tissue pack
  8. Baby bottles (Avent preferred)
  9. Newborn bottle teats (Avent preferred)
  10. Dummy & clip
  11. Bib
  12. Sippy cup
  13. Plate
  14. Bowl
  15. Spoon
  16. Snack containers
  17. Face cloth
  18. Hooded baby towel
  19. Rattle
  20. Teething ring
  21. Pram toy
  22. Board book
  23. Power point plug covers
  24. Hand sanitiser (50 – 100ml)

Reverse Advent Calendar: kids

  1. Toiletry bag
  2. Toothbrush & paste
  3. Dental floss
  4. Shampoo & conditioner
  5. Shower gel/soap
  6. Hairbrush/accessories
  7. Sunscreen
  8. Hand sanitiser (50-100ml)
  9. Socks & undies (new)
  10. Lunch box & drink bottle
  11. Pencil case
  12. Coloured pencils
  13. Textas/highlighters
  14. Colouring book
  15. Notebook
  16. Sketch pad
  17. Stress ball/fidget toy
  18. Card game
  19. Craft activity
  20. Puzzle
  21. Board game
  22. Sports ball
  23. Bouncy ball 
  24. Book

Reverse Advent Calendar: teens

  1. Toiletry bag
  2. Toothbrush & paste
  3. Dental floss
  4. Shampoo & conditioner
  5. Shower gel/soap
  6. Roll-on deodorant
  7. Face wash
  8. Face moisturiser
  9. Nail file
  10. Sunscreen
  11. Aftershave/perfume
  12. Hairbrush/accessories
  13. Purse/wallet
  14. Socks & undies (new)
  15. Lunch box & drink bottle
  16. Hand sanitiser (50-100ml)
  17. Card game
  18. Stress ball/fidget toy
  19. Pencil case, pens & pencils
  20. Mindfulness colouring book
  21. Notebook
  22. Puzzle/game
  23. Sports ball
  24. Book

Completed boxes can be dropped off to our Edwardstown warehouse during opening hours. You can drop them off any time up to 23 December 2021.

⏰ Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10am – 2pm
📍 6/1-5 De Laine Avenue Edwardstown SA 5039

That’s ok! These 24 items represent some of the things we include in our standard Treasure Box. We can add any extra items needed to complete your box.

Some items we can only rehome when they’re brand new or unopened packets – such as socks, undies, toiletries, and some baby items like teats or dummies. But we’re big fans of recycling and encourage all other donations of great-quality, pre-loved items!

We appreciate the special touch of a wrapped present, however, to ensure a consistent standard of quality and safety, all items are checked by Treasure Boxes before being sent out.

Yes, you can. We do receive last minute requests from our families for toys for their children at Christmas, however our priority is providing the essentials they need for their safety and wellbeing. Your donations may be sent to families before Christmas Day or into the new year depending on the needs of our families.

Happy holiday season!
– The Treasure Boxes team

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