Luse’s Family Story

In 2020 Luse emailed Treasure Boxes asking for help to provide her 7 year-old daughter Bessie with some fresh clothes and new toys.

Luse’s husband had a severe infection and needed life-saving medical treatment. He was transferred to the Royal Adelaide Hospital in 2019, and 7 months later Luse and her daughters moved to Adelaide to reunite with Dad. Unable to work because of her Visa, her husband’s disability payments weren’t quite enough to support the family of 4. Not long after her family arrived in Adelaide, COVID-19 broke out and Luse struggled to find work.

“Sometimes [my daughter] goes for a play date with her friends and she sees her friends with their scooters and bikes. I always tell her once I get a job, I will buy you a scooter or bike.” said Luse in her email. “We would love to donate once my family is financially stable”.

Bessie’s classroom teacher sent a referral to Treasure Boxes, and we quickly sent boxes of clothes, shoes, toys and toiletries to the family. We even included a handbag from Share the Dignity for Luse – so she could have something special for herself.

“The excitement on my daughter’s face … I am in tears. I never thought it would be this much. This really means so much to us. Bless you all.” Luse sent us after receiving her Treasure Boxes.

2 years later, we opened our Facebook inbox to a lovely message – Luse and her family are doing well and moved to tropical Queensland! Her husband is well again, Luse loves her job at a luxury hotel, Bessie has been nominated for Student Council, and Luse’s eldest daughter is completing her childcare studies.

Luse remembered her promise of donating when she could. It’s certainly something we never expect — it just means the world to us when we hear from family’s years later.

Most importantly – as soon as the family arrived in Cairns, Luse bought her daughter the bike she had promised.

A message from Luse: “We are so blessed to have wonderful, caring people like you all in our life. Queensland is nice and warm, but we still miss Adelaide too, especially the sunset at Glenelg Beach 😊 Our warm regards to you all.

From Treasure Boxes to Luse and your family – thank you. Thank you for having the courage to ask for help and thank you for supporting your family through hard times. We’re so happy to hear you’re doing well ♥

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